Lean Hospital CoursesThe Lean Hospital Leader Training category contains the courses related to the training and certification of Lean leaders in a hospital environment. The various courses and lessons will allow hospital staff to progress at their own pace in acquiring and applying the knowledge and tools required to become an active Lean leader.

Introduction to Lean in the ORThis 90 minute overview covers the basic elements of Lean in a hospital environment, and is considered required learning for everyone in the hospital.

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Lean in the OR WorkshopThis course is aimed at the busy OR Professional, providing tangible tools and knowledge in short lessons that will enable you to make substantial contributions to your Perioperative Services department. You can learn at your own speed and become a more valuable member of your OR staff. The content of the Lean in the OR course was developed based on the instructor’s hands-on experience implementing the tools and principles of Lean in Perioperative Services departments across the United States. 

You may also download a detailed course syllabus, including a description of each lesson and learning objectives by clicking here.

VSM in the ORValue Stream Mapping is a widely accepted flow-charting method used to document all of the process steps required to deliver a product or a service to a customer. By documenting the "current state", the way that the value stream performs today, a process improvement team can analyze the many opportunities to improve the work-flow and create a Master Plan for change. The Value Stream Mapping method is something that everyone involved in Lean for hospitals needs to know well.

This online course covers all of the elements of a Value Stream Analysis project, including the development of the Current State VSM, the application of Lean Thinking and the creation of improvement ideas or "Kaizen Bursts", the documenting of a time-phased Master Plan, and the drawing of a Future State Value Stream Map. The flow-chart therefore forms the foundation of an improvement plan that cuts across departmental boundaries to deliver true value to the patient or customer.

The course is over 3 hours long, broken up into 15 lessons. It is based on the book Value Stream Mapping in the OR by Richard Rahn and Gerard Leone.